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The economical and environmental choice for meeting current and future
water treatment discharge standards and compliance requirements.
Recover capital and operating costs by eliminating discharge fees & fines,
harvesting resources & significantly reducing water replacement costs.

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Traditional treatment requires various types of equipment to remove bacteria, silt, pesticides, heavy metals & oil from water.

Streamlined Water's broad-spectrum treatment efficiently removes a wide range of contaminants with a single system.

Removing multiple contaminants, on a flow-through basis, at a single contaminant equipment cost, space & time.

The result is better health, wiser use of financial resources & a more hospitable environment.

The Emerging Technology of Electrocoagulation


Removes metals as oxides to pass TCLP

Removes suspended & colloidal solids

Breaks oil emulsions in water

Removes fats, oil, & grease

Removes complex organics

Destroys & removes bacteria, viruses, cysts


Handle Multiple Contaminants in One Pass

Meet / Surpass Discharge Requirements

Reduce Sludge Volumes

Reduce or Eliminate Chemical Additives

Process Waste Streams w/ up to 5% solids

Harvest Proteins, Oils, and Metals


Produced & Process Waters

Municipal Waste Leachate

Hog & Dairy Farm Runoff


Sewage Treatment, Ground Water Cleanup


Cooling Towers, Water Pretreatment & more


Get out from under it

Our solution handles multiple contaminant
streams in one pass with little operator skill

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From silica to scalants to oil & grease to biological concerns (BOD), heavy metals and all manner of chemical compounds, our tech could be the most versatile solution on the market.

And the cost? Less than a dollar per thousand gallons on some applications, making compliance a pleasure.

But don’t just take our word for it. We have units available for commercial trial on short-term leases.

In other words, we built an on-ramp to give you the certainty you need.

Let's see how Streamline Water’s battle-tested electrocoagulation solutions can give you back control over your wastewater operations. In a matter of weeks not months or quarters.

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Get out in front of it

Worried about the future of wastewater management? There’s a lot ‘to get in front of.

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From looming water shortages... to potential contractual tangles with the state due to poor environmental footprints.

And let’s not start on shareholder activism … or lower ESG ratings that could block your access to the credit markets.

And then there are those proposed EPA 2027 standards. Have you looked at the discharge requirements for arsenic? For PFOA or PFOS...?

Streamlined Water's tech not only meets those stringent standards, but it can also reduce your wastewater spend in the present.

All with one elegant system.

So why not take a look and get proactive?

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Get it what others can't

Relying on any government bodies for concessions or permission to operate, can present a double-edged sword.

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Public Perception can delay or outright sh*tcan any best laid plans.

But imagine being a decade ahead of competitors, not just satisfying regulations, but setting the standard.

Picture being the talk of the town, not for controversies, but for your proactive compliance and competency.

Where you don't just get out in front of it, you deploy these solutions to get what others can't. Before they even knew they could.

Industry isn’t just about your core business competencies anymore. More and more it’s also about eliciting public goodwill with your commitments to sustainability.

And about being on the receiving end of what that goodwill can bring.

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About Streamlined Water

We work with the industry leaders and the world's largest suppliers of industrial Electrocoagulation (EC) systems with over 150
installations worldwide. These systems have distinct advantages over competing technologies:

  • No Process Chemicals Required — The treatment process requires no chemicals. The system is periodically cleaned with an acid
    solution that is recycled.
  • Nominal Operator Requirements — Even the largest systems can be operated with only 1 or 2 operators. Operator training is
    straightforward. The simple design ensures the system is very reliable and cannot be damaged by operator error or process upset.
  • Low Operating Cost — Besides manpower, the only operating costs are powerand periodic blade replacement. Power
    consumption is typically 4 kwh/1000 gallons and blade consumption is about 0.20 lbs/1000 gallons
  • Minimal Waste Disposal — Most contaminants are precipitated as oxides which renders them non‐hazardous and able to pass
    the TCLP. Since no additional chemicals are added, the waste volume is minimal and can typically be discharged to dumpsters for
    haul‐off or on site landfill.
  • Minimal Maintenance — Maintenance is limited to periodic replacement of the flat blade electrodes which consist of generic
    plate that can be purchased locally.
  • Treats a Wide Range of Contaminants — Minimal, if any, pretreatment is required for a system effective on a broad range of
    items including suspended solids, colloidial solids, emulsions, fats, grease, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, hardness, silica, boron,
    selenium, and organics.

We have systems which range from 3 gallons per minute to over 2,500 gallons per minute.

Reach out for a customized assessment of how we can provide solutions for the most challenging of wastewater streams.

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